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24th World Congress of Philosophy


The ISVI will hold sessions at the 24th World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing, Chain 13-2010 August 2018. The theme of the ISVI sessions is “Learning to be Human.”

The ISVI has a long history meeting with the World Congress of Philosophy since it began in 1988 when it held sessions at the 18th WCP in Brighton, England. We look forward to having another successful set of sessions.

A Message from former ISVI President

First of all, I’d like to express my deepest thanks to David Schrader, my immediate predecessor in the role of ISVI President, and to all my other colleagues who worked with him during the past five years. Through collaboration they have been able to promote a number of excellent conferences that have made a  very deep impression upon my mind. In particular I wish to mention  favorably the Second International Conference on Axiology with the theme “Value Choice and Human Existence,” hosted by  the Philosophy Institute of Hubei University (Wuhan, China, 2004), the Third International Conference on Axiology with the theme “Value Inquiry: A Global Conversation,” hosted by Alcala University (Alcala de Henares, Spain, 2007), and the ISVI Xi’an Summit of the World Forum on Axiology (WFA) with the theme “Rethink,ing Philosophy of Value Today” (Xi’an, China, 2008). For the excellent organizational work for the aforementioned  international conferences, I’d like to express heartfelt thanks to Professor Dai Maotang (for the Second) and Professor Stella Villarmea (for the Third). I am also very grateful for all the important things done for the ISVI and for the upcoming conference by Past  President  of  ISVI , Professor John Abbarno.

As the president of ISVI for  the next five years, I’d like to play an active role — one  that enables me to  both  inherit the past and usher in the future.  To this end, I will make every effort to promote conferences that foster scholarship so that all of us will continue to benefit from our ISVI-connected work.


One centrally important aim for ISVI as a scholarly organization  that  I believe needs to be  promoted and fulfilled during the next five years is that of discovering  the common ground  or grounds for global values. For  during this time of globalization— with the world changing  in so many respects and bringing into sharper  focus  a variety of conflicts between different cultures, ethnic groups, and  nations —inquiring  individuals of the world are themselves coming closer together. Thus, a philosophical understanding of  a comprehensive and cross cultural sort  is sorely needed. For, in spite of the conflicts, people want to live among those with whom they come into cordial  contact,  and people want to respect and appreciate one another through acquiring the necessary intellectual foundation for learning the values of the other cultures. Globalization thus calls for purposeful dialogue across cultures aimed at by finding a common value ground upon which the values of, for example, both east and west can be understood and supported. So, ISVI plays an important role in meeting a real need even as it aims to provide a forum  that allows philosophers to promote a dialogue of the sort that searches for common ground. The completion of this  task  of discovery will surely benefit the entire world by meeting the need for cooperative conceptualization of values, just as the current globalized financial cooperation in the face of financial crisis is benefitting all with regard to financial matters.


The work of ISVI is thus perhaps even more important now than it has been at any other time in the past. An open discussion of values concerning the world’s economic systems as well as a discussion of  other value matters can do much to  promote greater understanding of our role in the world today, and may be the only method for successfully promoting a greater awareness of the need for globally based values. Thus I plan to host the Forth International Conference on Axiology in Wuhan in 2010 with the theme as “Values for a Changing World”. In 2013, there will be the ISVI Athens Summit of the World Forum on Axiology (WFA) designated as the ISVI’s pre-WCP satellite session, that will be held jointly with the Fifth International Conference on Axiology — this joint meeting will be held in Athens of Greece. In the same time frame, in Athens Greece, ISVI will hold sessions at the XXIII WCP.


-- Jiang Chang, Hubei University, China